Why the Chicago Coalition for Information Access?

Chicago is a diverse city of many contradictions. It has its soaring highs and its lowly depths. We are concerned that unless an organized group of individuals, associations and organizations speak up about the importance of access to computer and communication technology, then the economic-poor and info-poor in Chicago will continue to decline in viability and self-reliance, leading to further stratification of our society.

As more and more of the jobs available in this country shift from manufacturing to symbolic manipulation, it becomes increasingly important for the City of Chicago to invest in its own information infrastructure to remain competitive among other cities in attracting and keeping high tech companies and jobs. These companies in turn help maintain the economic base that is being eroded with each corporate downsizing or relocation to the suburbs.

Our goals include educating citizens and public officials about the National Information Infrastructure (NII), how it will impact the community and to promote appropriate public policies.

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