How is CCIA organized?

The central element in our organization is our monthly general meeting that is held at DePaul University. We usually provide an introduction to our group thirty minutes before the start of the general meeting and we recommend that people new to CCIA take advantage of that to learn how we operate. In the General meeting there is usually a short account of recent activities of coalition members and committees and that is followed by a presentation by a member on a particular topic and discussion on it.

After coming to general meeting a new member has a choice of participating in our various committee that constitute CCIA.

Steering committee
Tries to organize the efforts of everybody else so that there is no duplication of effort, and lack of communication between the other committees.
Public Policy committee
Examines the long term direction for CCIA, and also keep an eye on the various legislative issues affecting the network, the technology of the network, access to it, etc.
Planning committee
Responsible for examining ways CCIA can establish a community computer center. This will allow us to put into place an education program.
Web committee
Is responsible for the information available on our World Wide Web site. This is part of our service to the community.

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