African Americans Call for Demo at DNC


Chicago, Sat, 13 Jul 1996 (Chris Geovanis) -- On Friday, 7/12, a group of
local and national African American organizers and community leaders
gathered at city hall to announce a mass demonstration at the Democratic
National Convention. The demo has been called for Wednesday, Aug. 28, with
time and assembly details to be announced later. 

The demo has been called in part to raise national awareness about
Democratic Party policies that are devastating to African Americans and
others in the U.S. and abroad. One organizer, when asked what the group's
position on the Democratic Party was, said, "We have no permanent enemies or
permanent friends, we have only interests and temporary allies."

The group, calling itself The Campaign To Cash The Check, includes both
native Chicagoans and national political figures. Many of the organizers who
gathered on Friday have long been involved in movement politics, from SNCC
to the Black Panther Party, and a number played key roles in building
turnout for the Million Man March.

Endorsers at the press conference included:
Rev. Al Sharpton (President, National Action Network)
Dr. Conrad Worrill (Chairman, National Black United Front)
Ron Daniels (Convenor, Campaign for New Tomorrow)
Bob Brown (National Driector, Campaign to Cash the Check)
Professor Robert Starks (Chairman, Taskforce for Black Political Empowerment)
Rev. Tyrone Crider (Pastor, New Hope Community Baptist Church)
Eddie Read (President, CBUC/BIPO)
Deborah Johnson (Organizer, National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement)

Other endorsers who were not able to attend include:
Bob Law (Host, Nite Talk Radio Show)
Mawina Kouyatte (Organizer, All-African People's Revolutionary Party)
Marion jStamps (President, Tranquility Marksman Organization)
Rev. Maxine Walker (Editor, Positive Note Magazine)
State Senator Ricky Hendon
Rev. Al Sampson (Chairman, MAPCO)

For more information, call the Campaign To Cash The Check, 312-268-7500
ext. 152


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