Press Release: Chicago Fire Fighters Demonstrate During DNC

Chicago Fire Fighters Union
International Association of Fire Fighters Local 2 A.F.L. - C.I.O. - C.L.C. 
Organized August 1, 1901
440 West 43rd Street  Chicago, Illinois 60609-2715  (312) 536-0450
FAX: (312) 536-8117


To: City of Chicago News Media
From: Dan Fabrizio, President
Date: August 26, 1996

The membership of the Chicago Fire Fighters Union has decided to voice its
displeasure with the City of Chicago for its lack of good faith bargaining
on promotions.  Promotions are a mandatory subject of bargaining.  The
City's position of NO! NO! NO! is unacceptable.  The membership has
directed the Executive Board to conduct informational picketing around
City Hall on Monday, Aug. 26th at noon. 

During our '92-'95 contract negotiations, the City would not discuss
promotional procedures with Local 2.  The city promised that if we signed
the '92-'95 contract, they would immediately negotiate promotional
procedures in this round of negations.  The Union went along with this
promise, but the City reneged and continue to stall.  As of this date, it
has been 15 months without a counter-proposal from the City for a fair and
equitable testing procedure. 

- Firefighters must wait over a year for their exam scores.
- Firefighters never have an opportunity to review their exam.
- Firefighters do not receive any significant credit for seniority.
- Firefighters do not receive any credit for fire related education.
- Firefighters do not know the scoring process of an exam.