Anti-Deportation Demonstration at DNC


August 19, 1996

                 Anti-Deportation Demonstration at DNC
                     Date: Wednesday August 28, 1996
                             Time: 3-4pm
                  Place: "Lot E" Madison (enter between 
                        Adams and Madison Streets)
                      across from the United Center

     Family Brings Deportation Flight to Democratic Convention.  Matt
Morrison is a former Member of the Irish Republican Army who served ten
years in Prison for activities in opposition to the British occupation of
Northern Ireland.  Morrison completed his sentence and came to the United
States in December, 1985.  He is married to an American Citizen and they
have two American born children.(see bio and fact sheet attached)  He is
currently under a deportation order from INS because of his previous
status in the IRA.

Morrison(and six others like him) has received a tremendous amount of
support at both the state and national level.  Members of congress have
petitioned the President on his behalf; thousands of petitions have been
signed and letters written; all major Irish organizations in the U.S. have
called on the administration to stop these deportations.  The Missouri
State Legislature and sveral other local bodies have passed resolutions is
support of Morrison.To date, nothing has changed. 

Morrison and his supporters will be bringing their message to the
Democratic National Convention.  In addition to lobbying delegates, the
group will be staging a demonsration at the site appointed by the city of
Chicago on Wednesday, August 28, at 3pm. 

Speakers at the rally will include representatives of various human rights
and Irish American organizations.  Paul Hill, one of the four men falsly
imprisioned by the British government and known collectively as the
Guildford four, will speak at the rally about what kind of justice
Morrison and his family can expect living under British rule in Northern

          For more information, call 314 727-7119
          In Chicago, call 708 788-9040

Matt Morrison and Francie Broderick Morrison will be available for
interviews, in Chicago, during the Democratic Convention Call 708 788-9040
for information or to set up interviews.