Police Escalate Harassment of Independent Reporters, Activists

Date: Thursday, August 29, 1996

News Alert: For Immediate Release
Attention: News Assignment

Police Escalate Harassment of Independent Reporters, Activists

Freelancers, organizers charge pattern of intimidation and arrests 

Independent media reporters from CounterMedia will convene a press
conference at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 29, at CounterMedia's offices
in Teamsters' City, 1638 W. Van Buren, to discuss the arrest and police
harassment of independent reporters and activists during the Democratic
National Convention in Chicago. 

On Wednesday evening, Chicago police stormed a media van occupied by
stringers with CounterMedia, and moments later pulled them over again and
illegally searched the van, threatening to ticket and arrest the driver
and passengers for "not wearing seat belts." At the time, the freelancers
were attempting to disembark and shoot tape of the Cash the Check
demonstration at Damen and Washington. 

Two cameramen, both members of the CounterMedia collective, have been
arrested in the last 48 hours in two separate incidents while covering
demonstrations around the DNC. One reporter, Edmund Nix, was arrested
Tuesday morning while shooting tape at a west side women's health clinic
during an Operation Rescue demonstration. Another, Jeff Perlstein, was
arrested near the United Center Tuesday evening when he attempted to
interview Henry Horner residents about residents' experience with the

Police have also repeatedly harassed members of Active Resistance, a
progressive group which is holding counter-convention activities in
Chicago during the convention. AR members say police have "visited" their
activity site at least nine times in the last three days, have posted
off-duty police officers near their space who have verbally harassed AR
members and made obscene gestures at them, and have pulled over and
attempted to intimidate AR conference attendees. 

Video tape of the incidents will be available at the press conference, and
photos of the police actions are being posted up to the CounterMedia web

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This news alert issued by CounterMedia, a coalition of political organizations, media groups and individuals dedicated to providing alternative coverage of the Democratic Convention and community struggle in Chicago.

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