Anarchist Street Chase Demonstration

"Anarchist Street-Chase Demo"
Downtown Chicago, Tuesday, August 27

The "No Justice, No Peace!" march had long ended when the nearly 50
anarchists who had formed the march's straggling Black Bloc, an
arms-linked, strength and solidarity line of protesters who stand between
police and the demonstration, decided to take to the street.  The police
line that the Black Bloc faced prohibited the "No Justice, No Peace!"
demonstrators from entering the United Center, home to the Democratic
National Convention.  The anarchists did not want to get into the Center,
but with police in pursuit they ran, skipped, jumped and danced along the
United Center parking lot fence to confront the Democratic Delegates as
they left the convention in their busses.  The delegates were either too
shocked or afraid of the youth to reply as the they pounded on bus windows
screaming "Fascist pigs!" and "Do you feel good about screwing over your
fellow man?"  The protesters slowed the busses until the police called for
a backup brigade and started to advance.  The protesters sprinted on. 

With even more police in pursuit, the cheering, hooting, anarchists
streamed through the unending row of taxi cabs that had lined up to cart
around the delegates.  "Power to the people!" the protesters yelled, and

Believing that they could contain the party, the police formed a blockade
on Ashland and stood stone-faced waiting for the youth.  Instead of
confronting the police the protesters flanked them, confusing the
officials by jumping across the busy road into an adjacent park.  "We'll
get them in the park," one police sergeant barked as several police on
horseback shot off in pursuit.  The youth, perhaps sensing the danger of
deep-park darkness, dashed back across the road and hopped the metal
median.  The horse police jumped the median strip Olympics-style.
Back in the relative safe light of a busy sidewalk, the protesters slowed
to consider their next move.  Soon thereafter a paddy wagon pulled up and
the back doors opened.  A policeman motioned to its empty inside and
sneered, "Why don't you keep running, run, run."  Instinctually disobeying
authority the group maintained its slow pace and headed to meet the
delegates at the Continental Hotel. 

Before they could reach the Continental the demonstrators passed a
Congressional dinner where they tried but failed to get admitted as
official guests.  Perhaps they destroyed their own opportunity for
admittance by shouting, "End corporate welfare!" and "Stop the fascist
regime!"  The youth then stopped across the street from the Art Institute
where well-groomed, well-tanked Democrats streamed about as part of a
party thrown by JFK Jr. for his apolitical political magazine, George. 
The anarchists greeted partygoers with some politics of their own as they
shouted, "Fascist pigs!" One woman even climbed a street pole and yelled
to the George-ites, "Read Noam Chomsky!" 

The police blocked the demonstrators' from leaving the street corner with
both their own presence and some "Do Not Cross" barricades.  Amidst some
police shoving the protesters began to dance and chant, "Eat the rich,
feed the poor!"  The police did not understand this particular medium of
protest (anarchist matriarch Emma Goldman once said that if she couldn't
dance as part of a revolution she didn't want to be a part of it at all),
but they did understand that their demeanor was an essential part of
aintaining control.  "Keep smiling," said one sergeant to his brigade,
tilting his head to the demonstrators, "it drives them crazy," 

Soon the protesters split into small groups and dispersed throughout the
city, some to continue demonstrating and others to head home, mission
accomplished.  They all undoubtedly continued to wreak symbolic havoc
somewhere, somehow, throughout Chicago. 

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