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For participants in the Midwest Conference on Technology, Employment and Community.

The Internet Arts Museum

  • Internet Arts Museum for FREE (IAMfree) - Music (full albums), digital art, photography, lit, films/video. All art is created expressly for IAMfree and for you to download and keep-for FREE.

    The American Arts Alliance

    In response to the imminent threat to the survival of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the American Arts Alliance advocacy homepage provides advocacy information and tools for arts supporters to communicate the need for continued federal support of the arts to their senators and representatives.

    Visual Arts


    Happy Birthday to Bob Marley More than just another Reggae page, it tries to convey the deeper meaning behind Bob Marley"s music and spirit. It was created in cooperation with some of Bob"s surviving relations and includes a number of never before seen personal photograps and sound files from the music created by Bob Marley.
    Radio stations with web pages.
    Rap Lyrics archive
    Internet Underground Music Archive
    "Penthouse Suite". Links to Hip-hop sites and others.
    Jamie White's favorite rap sites.
    Windham Hill Records - includes artists" biographies, discographies, tour dates, and an open forum for musical discussion.
    The Topography of Planet Shmooze.A site for alternative music fans


    Zines (small circulation publications)
    The Writings of Karl Marx
    A Huge Archive of Electronic Texts
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