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For participants in the Midwest Conference on Technology, Employment and Community.

Networking and Telecommunications

The Ada Project on women and computing.
Voters Telecommunication Watch A public-service on-line group that monitors legislation relating to telecommunication and information infrastructure. Also contains information on Cyptography, Clipper, and other network issues.
Electronic Frontier Foundation A non-profit civil liberties public interest organization working to protect freedom of expression, privacy, and access to online resources and information.
Taxpayer Assets Project TAP was founded by Ralph Nader to monitor the management of government property, including information systems and data, government funded R&D, spectrum allocation and other government assets.
Computer Professionals for Social Reponsibility CPSR is a non-profit, public interest organization concerned with the effects of computers on society.
Institute for Global Communications The IGC Networks -- PeaceNet, EcoNet, ConflictNet, and LaborNet -- serve individuals and organizations working toward peace, environmental protection, human rights, social and economic justice, sustainable and equitable development, health, and nonviolent conflict resolution.
Electronic Democracy Information NetworkEDIN works to provide community groups throughout California and in the nation greater access to the burgeoning world of information by both providing more information and easier access to electronic communication.
Communications for a Sustainable Future CSF was founded on the idea that computer networking should be used to enhance communications with the objective of working through disparate views and ideologies to secure a more promising future.
The Institute of Public Policy Studies at the University of Michigan has assembled a Web page on telecommunications.
The American Communication Association has set up a good Web guide to on-line resources for communication research.

Lists of Sites on this Topic

A list of progressive web sites maintained by IGC.
"Sites for Social Responsibility (some overlap with above)"
Other Telecommunications Sites
The Mother of all Lists of Telecommuncation Sites
Risks Digest, a compendium of computer errors, problems, break-ins, and break-downs with explanations and analysis.
The proceedings of the 1994 Digital Libraries conference. Also, information on the 1995 conference.
The web pages for the Ninth Annual Symposium on Geographic Information Systems for Natural Resources, Environment and Land Information Management, 27-30 March 1995.
Information on the use of on-line data for surveillance.
an extensive set of telecom net resources from LLNL, and more random stuff.
David Chaum's Scientific American article on digital cash
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