Midwest Conference on Technology, Employment & Community

Chicago Circle Center, UIC, 750 South Halsted, Chicago, March 2 - 4, 1995

Notes on Workshop #17: Will hard copy survive? printing and publishing in the digital age


Setting panel in context...Conference started with discussion w/ Rifkin and his position that the end of work is coming. End of work means end of wages and buying power. Technology is putting people out of work...Auto, Clothing, Agriculture and Books & Publishing. The commodity weUre talking about here is Intellectual Property, diseminating ideas.

Diamond Jack:

Grew up in a tough area, very near UIC. Started writing under this pen name. Felt that there was a lot of censorship of what he wanted to write about. JackUs story was rejected by the Tribune. He self-published story exposing a secret service agent infiltrating Unification Church, outside of the RsystemS (traditional publishers). This forced the Tribune to write an article.that they had not wanted to write.

On anti-copywrite. The Lumpen Times welcomes people to copy all of the stories in the paper, as long as it's mentioned that


She agrees with DJ that we can't get published in main stream. Electronic access lets greedy folks, cruising the Tnet, who will download and copy the information for their own use. Ziff Publishing, Information Access and Electronic Newsstand and others have grabbed her stories without her permission While she gets mentioned as the writer, this is being done without giving her any revenue for this work. National Writers Union is concerned. Photos can be altered without the viewer knowing. Who gets credit for this? Some publishers have created Rcontracts from hellS, where all writerUs rights are lost in leau of publishers paying for electronic reproduction. The Union is created the MADCAP contract (modeled on ASCAP), a credit is generated to the writer upon downloading of article. They feel that the writer should have some control of who publishes work. There is a lawsuit brought by the Union against New York Times.


Dan's notes are in a separate file.

Comments & Questions:

Fundamental question of valuation of intelectual property when it can be replicated infinitum via electronic distribution. It's becoming a non-commodity.

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