Midwest Conference on Technology, Employment & Community

Chicago Circle Center, UIC, 750 South Halsted, Chicago, March 2 - 4, 1995

Notes on Workshop #18: Who is deciding?

The workshop began with an interesting set of proposals and a vision for a new democratic society from Rado Mijanovich of the Industrial Union Party. His vision, based on a the traditional Marxist view of the need for workers to organise and take control of the means of production. His proposals were challenged immediateley on the basis that this was now a model with minimal resonance for todays complex society, where gender, race etc. have much more importance.

A broad ranging discussion followed, which focussed little on what many people felt to be the issue they had come to disucuss - who decides, and who controls technology therefore. The conclusions were that the workshop was a good discussion, that we were able to cover a vast number of issues - how to make the "revolutionary" transition to a socialist democracy, how to organise the dispossed, and disenfranchised, and combine witht the working class and other middle class intellectuals and liberals, and a little about the role of technology in this - that access and control of technology may be one of the most powerful tools we have to make the transition.

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