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There's more to Chicago than the lakefront, the United Center, North Michigan Avenue...

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Everyone is welcome to the Other Chicago. We especially welcome visitors from the 1996 Democratic National Convention. Many of the sites in the Other Chicago have contact information and are willing to provide personal tours of their communities.

Chicago is a city that "works", for some -- the economically well off living along the picturesque lakefront and in certain suburbs. The perks of the city seem designed principally for the benefit of real estate developers, corporate interests, and those who have political and economic clout -- not for the masses.

Geographic Chicago is intrinsically a fine place with many advantages such as abundant fresh water, a skilled work force, sociable people, diverse cultures, many transportation connections, fine colleges, beautiful churches, and great restaurants. We are proud of it. But lacking are humane, sound, democratic, and fair social and economic policies. In spite of hardships, the poorer neighborhoods are filled with heroes, valiant efforts, and people struggling for survival. There are interesting, entertaining, and educational grassroots places to visit in the "other" Chicago. We invite you to see it and meet its people in cyberspace; then visit the "Other Chicago" in the real world.

Links to Other-Chicago sites
Current and Upcoming Events and Issues

Links to Other-Chicago sites


Current and Upcoming Events and Issues

Preserve Maxwell Street
On Protection from HMOs by Metro Seniors in Action
Lumpen Times -- E-zine

Recent Events

Children on the Internet -- a forum November 9, 1996
The Democratic National Convention (DNC)


Trophy Town Synergy by the Basement Writers Co-Op
Tour of the Old Maxwell Street Market Site
The New Maxwell Street Market -- A Multi-Ethnic Bazaar -- The Peoples' Enterprise Zone
The Inner Voice -- learning, jobs and housing programs for homeless men
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless South Loop Project: Fighting for Development Without Displacement
Erie Neighborhood House
Bronzeville Online -- cyber tour of famous African American neighborhood.
DuSable High School -- Grand Boulevard neighborhood; Robert Taylor Homes
Prologue Alternative High School
Official Aurora, Illinois Flood Information
St. Francis of Assisi -- Chicago's Oldest and Busiest Mexican-American Church Struggling for Survival
Autonomous Zone -- Collective Community-Activist-Resource Center
Aurora Online Community Network


Street-Level Youth Media
OutChicago -- Chicago Area Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Resources
Chicago Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Resourses (from Yahoo)


NeighborTech® -- providing technology access and information to low-income communities
UIC's Neighborhoods and Nonprofits Network
...more coming soon

Some other Chicago area information

Oak Park Tourist


Chicago restaurant guide


Rosa's -- a friendly blues bar
Maxwell Street Blues Home Sweet Home Page -- Chicago music history
Chicago Blues For The Hard-Core -- more music history.
Blues in Chicago -- Who's playing; where they are.
The Chicago Blues Guide -- Club Directory

The Other Chicago
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