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Here is a chance to get a message about your neighborhood on the internet -- to journalists and delegates to the Democratic National Convention as well as to visitors to Chicago in general. The Coalition for Information Access is requesting stories of people, places, issues, and descriptive tours of Chicago neighborhoods to be part of the website, the "Other Chicago".

Submissions are to be in the form of text and ordinary snapshot photos. You may submit, for consideration, up to three pages of text and up to six pictures. We do the rest -- design the page, put it up on the Web, and give you the address. We request, if possible, that submissions have contact information (phone; fax; or e-mail) so journalists, politicans, or visitors can contact you to follow up.

The material will be up on our server until January 1, 1997. After that we will try to find free server space for you to keep your web page up permanently.

If presenting a tour of your neighborhood, it would be nice if you could also provide tours in real space in the week before and during the DNC. However, giving real world tours is not a requirement for submission -- but it is a nice touch.

If you already have a website, let us know the URL so we can link to it.

Submissions can be made by regular mail on a computer floppy disk or by e-mail. Computer disks should be sent to CCIA c/o Networking for Democracy, 3411 W. Diversey Ave. Suite #1, Chicago IL 60647-1245. E-mail submissions should be sent to:

If you have no access to a computer at all, still contact us -- we may be able to arrange to have your copy typed up for you. We want to make sure no one is denied access to a voice.

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Last modified: June 19, 1996