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April 9, 1998 was the centennial of the birth of Paul Robeson
May 18, 2002 was the Anniversary Celebration of the Robeson Peace Arch Concert
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Paul Robeson
Centennial Celebration

This website is a relatively static archive of materials relating to Paul Robeson. It is updated only rarely

Robeson Poster from Northern Sun

Robeson Timeline cover page

The Paul Robeson Centennial Celebration
has a major "ready-to-hang" 8-panel Robeson timeline
as well as special resources for teachers.

Resources: A listing of resources relating to or celebrating Paul Robeson including:
      - other groups focused on honoring Paul Robeson
      - books, printed materials, videos and film, plays, audio tapes, CDs and posters
      - quotations from Paul Robeson, and excerpts from critical speeches
      - information about artists and poets who are producing new works
      - The original introduction to the Centennial Celebration
      - After the Centennial -- some ideas for future work

Please help us maintain this web site with links to additional resources for studying, teaching, and celebrating Paul Robeson.

PAUL ROBESON, a brief biography

other biographical notes and references
Remarks by Harry Belafonte about Paul Robeson to the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
the PBS/American Masters Robeson biography

Resolutions in Support of Robeson Centennial Events
A Sample Resolution
        based on a resolution of the Central Labor Council of Alameda County, California AFL-CIO
The Pittsburgh City Council Resolution
The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions resolution

Events: Robeson-related events around the world up until 1999
  Unfortunately, we can no longer maintain a calendar of Robeson-related events.

Paul Robeson Commemorative Stamp Campaign -- SUCCESS IN 2004!        

The Postal Service issued a 37-cent Paul Robeson commemorative stamp (in a pressure sensitive pane of 20) on January 20, 2004, in Princeton, New Jersey.

Celebrations were held in other cities as well:
On Sunday, January 26, 2004 the stamp was "introduced" in Chicago
    at the South Shore Cultural Center where stamps and first-day-covers were available for purchase

A history of the campaign -- U.S. Postal Centennial stamp had been rejected since 1998

Paul Robeson Centennial Celebration
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