Collection Name: Benson, Elmer Austin
Collection Dates: 1895-
Repository Name: Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul MN
NIDS Fiche Number: 3.17.140
NUCMC Number: MS 69-1686
Type: Papers
Dates: 1931-1963
Extent: ca. 12 ft. (13,500 items)
Description: Banker, politician, U. S. Senator, and Governor of Minnesota. Correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and other papers, relating to Benson's support of the domestic policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt, pardon for Thomas Mooney, the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War, and peace and disarmament movements of the 1930s, his opposition to domestic and foreign policies of the Truman administration, and to the U. S. cold war policy, and his support of Henry Wallace in the presidential election of 1948. Includes information on antisemitism and other aspects of the Minnesota gubernatorial campaign of 1938; affairs of the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party, including its anti-isolationist forces and allegations of Communist influence in the party; and the state of the Progressive Party after the 1948 campaign. Correspondents include John Abt, Rex Ellingwood Beach, Charles Austin Beard, Alfred M. Bingham, Chester Bowles, Earl Russell Browder, Harry L. Hopkins, Freda Kirchwey, Max Lerner, Robert Morss Lovett, Thomas J. Moonev, Richard Lewis Neuberger, Culbert L. Olson, Paul A. Porter, Eslanda Goode Robeson, Paul Robeson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, James Roosevelt, Vincent Sheean, Henry Agard Wallace, James Russell Wiggins, Aubrey Willis Williams, Howard Yolen Williams, and Stephen Samuel Wise. Unpublished inventory in the repository. In part, open to investigators under restrictions accepted by the repository. Information on literary rights available in the repository. Gift of Mr. Benson, Appleton, Minn., 1964.

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