Columbia College Chicago For their many levels in a 4-year commitment to the campaign to bring knowledge of Paul Robeson to our city and nation. Columbia’s Center for Black Music Research will house the Committee’s collection of documents and other materials.

Paul Robeson 100th Birthday Committee With recognition to those who launched this campaign and those who gave guidance and leadership to the Committee’s activities. George Bailey, Timuel Black, Dr. Margaret Burroughs, Fred Fine, Don Goldhamer, Kevin Horton, Ifé McWorter, Nancy Mikelsons, Joe Powers, Sr., Ramon Price, Mark Rogovin, William Scott, Woodie T. White.

City of Chicago, Dept. of Cultural Affairs For their commitment to the Paul Robeson Centennial Campaign and their funding which helped make this publication possible.

Prof. Andrew Pickett The authors gratefully acknowledge his important research for the expanded second edition of this publication.

Cathy Campo For her seemingly unending work over the past 4 years in entering all stages of this document on her computer–handling endless additions and corrections as well as formatting and layout.

Cynthia Van Swearingen For continually scouring the Internet and downloading the FBI Robeson files and other historical references.

Thanks to all those volunteers and interns who helped piece together this important research.

Aaron & Alice Adler, Mike Alexandroff, Silas Allen, Richard Anderson, George Bailey, Mary Ann Bamberger, Lisa Barnett, Richard Barnett, Brenetta Howell Barrett, Bernice & William Becic, Dale Berman, Timuel Black, Alta Blakely, Elizabeth Brady, Mabel Brail, Jeff Brown, Lloyd L. Brown, Betty Burch, Dr. Margaret Burroughs, Peter Carroll, Ross Chisholm, Elroy Christie, Teresa Christopher, Dick Criley, Brad Cummings, Leon Des Pres, Doug Deuchler, Joan Elbert, Laverna Evans, Linda Evans, Ishmael Flory, Darren Foster, Pat Frackner, Harry Gaynor, Dr. Leo Goldman, Glennon Graham, P. Keith Gregg, Ralph R. Gross, Chuck & Bobby Hall, Andrew Heard, Kenan Heise, Amy Henderson, Milton Herst, Hal Higgins, Alison Hinderliter, Rev. Phil Hogan, Chester Holliday, Lynda Hoornbeek, Rudy Horn, Michael E. Jackson, Bob James, Leonard & Margaret Karlin, Clarmarie I. Keenan, Scott Kingwill, Ira Kipnis, Tabatha Russell-Koylass, Sue Kling, Alston L. Lambert, Charles Laurier, Kevin Lindemann, Frank Lipo, Peggy Lipschutz, Victoria Malone, Corwin Marblee, Sparky Marco, Robert Marsh, Marvin Marshall, Scott Marshall, Michelle Melin-Rogovin, Anita Miller, Phyllis Morgan, Sue Moss, Archie Motley, Dave Newbart, Rose Oplatka, Cleodia O’Quinn, Sid Ordower, James O’Shea, Robin Anne O'Sullivan, Beth Pagel, Lou & Edna Pardo, Johnnie Mae Parks, Andrew Patner, Rev. Charles Payne, Eden Pearlman, Kathy Pearson, Robert B. Powers, Marilyn Pratt, Ramon Price, Esther Prinz, Patrick M. Quinn, Jim Raffensperger, Rev. Lewis Rawls, Rev. Theodore Richardson, Dr. William Roach, Frank L. Rosen, John Rosenkranz, Norman Ross, John Rossen, Norman Roth, Tabath Russell-Koylass, Prof. Arthur Sabin, Evelyn Salk, Peggy & Noah Schatz, Amy Sherd, Anatol Schlosser, Mary Schmuttenmaer, Rima Schultz, Howard Schwartz, Norman Schwartz, Mary Serantoni, Rev. Clarice Setser, Ian Shaw, Ruth Tregay Siegel, Libby Snow, Jeanne Spencer, Virginia Stansbury, Robert Starks, Stacey Steward, Robert Stone, Brenda Nelson Strauss, Eva Strobeck, Sterling Stuckey, Zita Stukas, Cynthia Van Swearingen, Bart Swindall, Laurie Tanenbaum, Andrea Telli, Carol Townsend, Steve Treffman, Tricia Trilli, Richard F. Tryba, Frank Villella, Don Vogel, Katherine Wales, Maureen Walsh, Deborah Webb, Eila Weisman, Molly West, Thomas White, Sidney Williams, Jr., Prof. Thomas L. Willis, Milt Wolff, LeRoy Wolins, Olivetta Wooldridge, Tim Yeager

Thanks to those organizations and institutions that assisted us by providing important information for our research.

19th Century Women's Club, The Art Institute of Chicago, Auditorium Theatre, Austin High School, Chicago Daily Defender, Chicago Federation of Musicians, Chicago Historical Society, Chicago Public Library–Austin Branch, Chicago Tribune, Columbia College Chicago, Communist Party of Illinois, DuSable Museum of African American History, Evanston High School, Evanston Historical Society, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Glen Ellyn Historical Society, Glenbard West High School, Harold Washington Library Center, Historical Society of Oak Park & River Forest, Hyde Park Historical Society, Illinois Labor History Society, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Moorland Spingarn Collection, Howard University, Northwestern University–Archives Department & School of Music, Oak Park Public Library, Oak Park-River Forest High School, Orchestra Hall–Archives, Paul Robeson High School, Professional Football Hall of Fame, Ravinia Festival Association, Rotary Club of Chicago, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (New York Public Library), South Shore Cultural Center, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Temple Sholom, University of Chicago Library, University of Illinois Chicago Library (Special Collections)

First edition, April 1998
Second edition, February 2000

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