Resources for the Study of Paul Robeson

All back-up material for this Robeson/Chicago history booklet will be placed at Columbia College Chicago’s Center for Black Music Research (CBMR) and the Moorland Spingarn Research Center at Howard University. All the files and collecting done by the Paul Robeson 100th Birthday Committee will be added to CBMR’s Robeson collection. Included in this collection are extensive files on hundreds of events held around the world in honor of the Paul Robeson Centennial. No other institution has such complete documentation of these celebrations.

With the approach of the 100th birthday of Paul Robeson, individuals, organizations, and institutions pulled together huge resources for the study and celebration of this powerful man. There are new books and great old ones that have been reprinted. There are CDs of concerts not heard for decades, and new plays and documentaries and traveling exhibitions and MUCH more!

BOOKS For Young People and Adults

For a complete listing of books, check the WEB SITE


This Robeson web site contains an extensive listing (with sources) for books, CDs, tapes, videos, biographical material, famous quotes, traveling exhibitions, listing of centennial celebrations worldwide and more.


This is a ready to hang wall display on the life and times of Paul Robeson. Included are visuals and a parallel timeline of U.S. and World events. Each panel is printed on 19/24" cardstock. A companion 24-page booklet is entitled Paul Robeson’s Living Legacy by Barbara Armentrout and Sterling Stuckey. Both are available from Rediscover Music 1-800-232-7328.

CDs and Tapes

Rediscover Music is a company that distributes many Robeson CDs and tapes. They also produced 2 CDs (The Peace Arch Concerts and Freedom Train) of rarely heard concerts, speeches and recitation. Call 1.800.232.7328 for their brochure of Robeson recordings.

POSTERS and More

Syracuse Cultural Workers has designed a beautiful Robeson poster, note card, post card, and button. They also distribute the book Here I Stand, the video documentary, Paul Robeson: Tribute to an Artist, the booklet Paul Robeson’s Living Legacy and more. Call 315.474.1132.