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The home page for the Paul Robeson Centennial Celebration
Information about the Centennial stamp campaign
Paul Robeson Centenary site in Australia
Rutgers University's Robeson Centennial where Robeson studied
The Peekskill Riots of 1949
by the Voices From History project about Paul Robeson and the
Black History Month
An Anarchist Looks at Life speech by Emma Goldman from transcript of proceedings of the Foyle's Twenty-Ninth Literary Luncheon, March 1, 1933. Including speech by Paul Robeson and Rebecca West.
Photo of Robeson's grave in Ferncliff Cemetery, N.Y.
    Epitaph is a Robeson quotation: "The artist must elect to fight for freedom or slavery. I have made my choice. I had no alternative." Link to map of area.
Reviews and a quotation from Hamilton's book "Life & Times of a Free Black Man."
Excellent source for children.
Brief information on Robeson and his films.
Good source for children's research. Good photograph.
Home page of Paul Robeson Center for Legal and Historical Research, UCal Riverside.
    Center is designed to bring civil rights activists to the UCR campus. It combines studies of Black history, music and related subjects. The mission is to establish UCR as one of the leading centers for research on the modern phase of the civil rights movement and African-American culture. Links lead to research areas, goals, African-American topics.
A good short biography of Robeson,
    especially mentioning his political activity and interest in the USSR, Spain, labor (AFL-CIO) and the blacklist.
Includes a short paragraph identifying Robeson as a singer and actor.
    This page has interesting links to early Black musicians and to a Chronology of Cultural Connections, 1930-1934 - mainly of Wm. Grant Still.
From The Nubian Messenger from North Carolina State University
New York Public Library Paul Robeson Collection. Detailed 11-page biography.
Robeson honored on 25th anniversary of Penn State Paul Robeson Cultural Center. Paul Robeson, Jr. spoke.
Review of play "Paul Robeson" and interview with Mary Guaraldi, director.
Short listing of film "Body and Soul (1925), Micheaux film.
    A useful source, esp.for black film. Interesting links to other black film pages and to Oscar Micheaux, early black film maker.
"Profiles of Three Black Testifiers in the Investigation of Paul Robeson's Potential Threat to the USA by the House Un-American Activities Committee" by Jesse Friedman.
Three "testifiers" are:
      1) Manning Johnson - paid informer for the Justice Dept
      2) Jackie Robinson - he was intimidated into giving weak testimony, criticizing Robeson
      3) Canada Lee - because he had lost his income through the black list, he was intimidated into testifying against Robeson.. Interesting for information relating to the Committee hearings. An excellent article but marred by anti-Communist apologies, etc.
1978 tribute to Robeson. Detroit Public Schools, Dept. of Social Studies.
Black Heritage Day II - Offers calendar and timeline of black history.
Pete Seeger letter supporting Robeson Stamp Project
Synopsis of film "Paul Robeson" starring James Earl Jones
Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media. Fund supports independent social issue film, video, and radio.

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