HOT Links for Media Activists


Need legal support as a result of DNC activities? Contact the National Lawyer's Guild at 312.357.3273 ! (Congressional & White House staffers need not apply !)

Our Sister Project in Los Angeles / San Diego, the LAAMN (Los Angeles Alternative Media Network), will be documenting and providing media support for the Republican National Convention in San Diego. Other L.A. stuff includes:

The Other Chicago - a web site for online tours and links to information about Chicago that you won't find on the official city web site ...

The Chicago Media Map - which giant corporations own what huge percentages of the media outlets in Chi-town. And how you can support alternative independent progressive (& lots of other adjectives, too) media in Chicago !

A Few DNC Sites

Alternative Media Outlets & Organizations

Searchable Corporate Wire Services

last updated: 8/4/96