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Chicago Chapter

Archive of Chicago Chapter Meetings/Events

The Good, the Bad & the Internet: A Conference on the Critical Issues in Information Technology
October 7-8, 1995

1995 CPSR Annual Meeting & Conference (at University of Illinois - Chicago)
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Midwest Conference on Technology, Employment & Community
March 2-4, 1995

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The Commercialization of Information and What That Does to Public Access
June 25, 1996

Speech by Karen Coyle at Depaul University
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Demystifying Telecommunications and Information Policy
July 20, 1996

Town forum at Columbia College
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FEBRUARY 10, 1997
59 East Van Buren Street


  • David Loundy and James Nahikian, two Chicago lawyers and CPSR members, talk about diverse issues of Computer and the Law (including copyright law, encryption and more)

APRIL 16, 1997
Loyola University, Chicago


  • Presentation and discussion with Don Goldhamer(U of Chicago) and David Sorkin (John Marshall Law School) and others, who discussed privacy and the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference in San Fransisco

JUNE 26, 1997
I-Net Cafe, Chicago


  • Privacy and related issues, including PGP - Paul Solomon
  • Privacy and human rights in cyberspace - Todd Packer of the Kovler Center for the Treatment of Survivors of Torture

APRIL 16, 1998
Internet Governance Meeting
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  • "One Planet, One Net campaign of CPSR is Testing Chicago" - presented by Midwest Regional representative Netiva Caftori (discussion of principles of socially responsible Internet governance)
  • "The Internet and Self-Governance for the Generic Top Level Domain Name System" - presented by David W. Maher, chair of the Policy Oversight Committee that is restructuring the rules for Internet domain names
  • Issues of gTLD restructuring, in the context of the principles of Internet Governance

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