Midwest Conference on Technology, Employment and Community

Chicago, IL, USA
March 2-4, 1995
This conference was sponsored by the Center for Urban Economic Development, University of Illinois at Chicago.

New! Job Tech, the Book!

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Boston-area JobTech conference

LA-area JobTech conference

What Happened?

Notes on the conference's opening session including the keynote address, Friday's morning plenary session, and Saturday's morning plenary session are now on-line.

Conference Synergy below.

Access to Education,
  • Will getting the training mean getting the job,
  • Access to Information,
  • Envisioning Chicago,
  • Printing and Publishing in the Electronic Age, and
  • Who is Deciding?.

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    Advance Information

    Keynote speaker: Jeremy Rifkin

    The Wages of Cybernation.

    The Official Announcement

    Call for Workshop Proposals

    Food for thought

    Web links

    A web site specializing in information on jobs and technology, especially the issue of shortening the work week.

    Web Links for browsing by conference attendees.

    The Web page used in tutorial sessions introducing beginners to the Internet.

    Conference Synergy

    The Wages of Cybernation, a conference on a similar theme, is being held simultaneously in New York City.

    Participants in both conferences are sharing their thoughts on a Web-accessible message board. We are limiting posting to conference participants, but you can see the messages by using the following button:

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