Paul Robeson Centennial Celebration
Resources About Paul Robeson (1898-1976)


Documentaries as well as films featuring Robeson

Many video houses are distributing Robeson films. Some sell high-quality versions, some have junk. Also, some films are being sold "without rights" and some distributors only have rights to sell certain films within the U.S.

We seek to list the best quality films and the legitimate distributors of each film. If you are interested in setting up film festivals, we will soon offer advice as to how to obtain proper permissions or "theatrical releases".

Documentaries: Films and videotapes about Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson: Tribute to an Artist (1979)
Winner of 8 awards, including an Academy Award
Includes rare footage of Robeson as well as clips from his films
Director: Saul J Turell
Narrator: Sidney Poitier
Country: England, Janus Films
Time: 29 minutes, color
Availabile on one videotape with "The Emperor Jones" from:
      Syracuse Cultural Workers
     Home Vision Cinema, 800-826-3456 [#ROB010, $19.95]

Paul Robeson: the "Peekskill Riots" of 1949 (1979)

Paul Robeson (1980)
A recording of the play Paul Robeson
written by: Philip Hayes Dean; starring: James Earl Jones
Country: United States
Time: 118 minutes

Paul Robeson: The Tallest Tree In Our Forest (1977)
Director and producer, Gil Nobel
Time: 86 minutes; color and B&W, videotape
Availability: Libraries;
A searching film documentary on Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson (1994)
Directed by Rex Barnett
Time: 36 min, color, video; Study Guide Available
Availability: The Cinema Guild, $99.95
    1697 Broadway, Suite 506, New York, NY 10019
    212-246-5522, fax: 212-246-5525
    website: (catalog)

Films and videotapes starring Paul Robeson

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Earl Robinson: Ballad of an American (1994)

Robinson was a longtime progressive musician, composer and ally of Paul Robeson.