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numbers in brackets refer to the listing of recordings
links to lyrics and music are shown in (parentheses) after the song, when known

also see a discography by Martin Schwander

*Songs from the career of the Black singer. [X6]
*Monologue from "Boris Godunov" (Mussorgsky) [X17]
*Monologue from "Othello" (Shakespeare) [X17]
*Othello [X2]
*Othello, last speech (Shakespeare) [X13d]
*Comments on Languages and Music of Many Lands [X13d]
*Spoken Excerpt from 1952 Birthday Celebration [X13b]
*Testimony before the House Committee on Un-American Activities. [X5]
*Peace Arch Concert Introduction [X38]
*Opening Remarks by Harvey Murphy [X38]
*Paul Robeson's Welcoming Remarks [X38]
*Intro to No More Auction Block [X38]
*Intro to Joe Hill by Harvey Murphy [X38]
*Introductory Speech by Harvey Murphy [X38]
*Speech at Peace Arch concert [X38]

A Perfect Day [X25]
A Woman is a Sometime Thing [X19] [X21]
Absent [X19]
All God's Chillun Got Wings [X24] [X27] [X30]
All Men are Brothers (Beethoven) [X17] [X13c] [X14] [X18] [X21] [X25] [X32] [X33]
Amazing Grace [X12]
Anthem of the U.S.S.R. (Alexandrov, Mihalkov, Registan, Zaret) [X34] [X35]
At Dawning [X21]
Away Down South in Dixie (in medley) [X20]
Back and White [X36b]
Ballad for Americans (Earl Robinson-John Latouche) [X14] [X29] [X34]
  (also, a version with updated lyrics, not sung by PR) [X10]
Balm in Gilead [X13a] [X15] [X17] [X23] [X33] [X34] [X36a]
Banjo Song [X27]
Bear De Burden in the Heat of the Day [X12] [X24] [X27]
Beloved City [X16]
Big Fella (1937) (from movie) [X22]
Blue Prelude [X25]
By 'N' By [X23] [X33] [X34] [X29]
Calling All Stars (1937) (from movie) [X22]
Canoe Song (from Sanders of the River) [X19] [X21] [X27] [X29] [X30] [X31] [X32]
Carry Me Back to Green Pastures [X20(in medley)] [X27] [X28] [X30] [X32]
Casey Jones [X36b]
Castle of Dromore [X37]
Chassidic Chant [X17]
Chi Lai (Arise) (Erh) [X16] [X35] [X34]
Child [X36a]
Chinese Children's Song [X13d] [X15] [X17]
Chin Chin (Chinese Marching Song/Chinese Soldier's Song) [X34] [X35] [X38]
Christ Lag in Todesbanden (J.S. Bach) [X15] [X17]
Climbing Up (The Mountain Song) [X37] [X18] [X24]
Congo Lullaby [X21] [X27] [X30] [X31]
Cradle Song [X34]
Curly Headed Baby (Clutsam) [X13c] [X16] [X36a] [X37]
Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)[X13c] [X14]
Dans le printemps de mes annees (Garat) [X12] [X13d]
David of the White Rock [X20]
De Old Ark's A-Movering [X24] [X29]
Dear Old Southland [X18] [X25] [X33]
Death at Broadcasting House (1934) (from movie) [X22]
Deep River [X13c] [X14] [X19] [X20(in medley)] [X21] [X26] [X29] [X32] [X33] [X36a]
Dere's a Man Goin' Roun' Takin' Names [X24] [X23] [X11]
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel [X12] [X15] [X17] [X24] [X38]
Don't You Cry My Honey [X28]
Down De Lover's Lane [X18] [X24] [X37]
Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes [X14] [X38]
Ebenezer [X20]
Encantadora Maria [X20]
Eriskay Love Lilt [X13d] [X14] [X29]
Every Time I Feel the Spirit [X13b] [X15] [X17] [X23] [X35] [X38]
Ezekial Saw de Wheel [X23] [X24] [X26] [X29]
Fat Li'l Feller With His Mammy's Eyes [X20(in medley)] [X24] [X27] [X28] [X30]
Feng Yang (Traditional) [X35] [X34]
Four Insurgent Generals [X34]
Free and Equal Blues [X36b]
Freedom [X17]
From Border to Border (Dzerhinsky) [X35] [X34]
Git on Board, Little Children [X14] [X23] [X26] [X28]
Gimme Your Han' [X23]
Go Down, Moses [X14] [X23] [X33] [X34] [X38]
Going Home (Dvorak) [X15] [X17]
Going to Ride Up in de Chariot [X23]
Good Morning [X36b]
Good Night Ladies (in medley) [X20]
Got the South in My Soul [X25] [X31]
Great Gettin' Up Morning [X23]
Hail the Crow [X20]
Hammer Song [X11] [X23] [X21]
Hassidic Chant: Kaddish [X11] [X13d] [X36a]
Hear de Lam's a Cryin' [X23] [X26]
High Water [X20] [X27] [X30]
Ho Ho (Wagon Song) [X18] [X24]
Hush-a-Bye Lullaby [X25]
I Ain't Lazy, I'm just Dreaming [X25]
I Don't Know What's Wrong [X19] [X20]
I Got a Home in Dat Rock [X23] [X26]
I Know de Lord [X23]
I Still Suits Me (with Elisabeth Welch) [X32]
I'll Hear the Trumpet [X23]
I'll Walk Beside You [X37]
I'm Goin' to Tell God All O' My Troubles [X26]
I'm Gonna Let it Shine [X12]
It Ain't Necessarily So [X19] [X21] [X32]
It Takes a Long Pull to Get There [X21]
Jacob's Ladder (Traditional) [X15] [X11] [X17] [X38]
Jericho (1937) (from movie) [X22]
Jerusalem [X13c] [X14]
Joe Hill (Earl Robinson and Alfred Hayes) [X11] [X15] [X17] [X35] [X13b] [X16] [X34] [X36b] [X38]
John Brown's Body [X14]
John Henry [X13a] [X23] [X33] [X34]
Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho [X23] [X24] [X33] [X34] [X31] [X14]
Just A-Wearyin' for You [X29] [X32] [X19] [X21] [X37]
Just Dreaming [X29]
Just Keepin' On [X18] [X19] [X26] [X28] [X31]
Kevin Barry (Irish) [X12] [X36a]
Killing Song [X27] [X28] [X30]
King Joe [X20] [X33]
King Solomon's Mines (1937) (from movie) [X22]
L'amour de Mois [X16]
Li'l David [X21] [X23]
Land of My Fathers [X33] [X37]
Lazin' [X19] [X20]
Lazybones [X20(in medley)] [X21] [X30] [X31] [X19] [X27] [X32]
Let Us Break Bread Together on our Knees [X12]
Let me Die [X16]
Li'l Gal [X26]
Little Gal-Oh Mistress Mine [X12]
Little Man You've Had a Busy Day [X25] [X29] [X33]
Little Pal There's No Hiding Place [X26] [X24] [X31]
Loch Lomond (Traditional) [X35] [X18] [X14] [X38]
Lonesome Road [X29] [X33] [X18] [X24] [X25] [X26] [X28] [X32]
Love Song [X20] [X27] [X28] [X30] [X31]
Love Will Find Out the Way [X35] [X38]
Love at My Heart [X20]
Lullaby (Franz Schubert) [X15] [X17]
Ma Curly-Headed Baby [X21] [X32]
Mah Lindy Lou [X26] [X37]
Mama's Little Baby-Love [X24]
Mammy [X18]
Mammy's Little Kinky Headed Boy [X29] [X19]
Mary Had a Baby, Yes Lord [X27] [X30]
Mexican Lullaby [X14]
Mighty Lak' a Rose [X19] [X21] [X26] [X28] [X32]
Monologue from Boris Godunov (Mussorgsky) [X15]
Monologue from Shakespeare's Othello [X15]
Mood Indigo [X21] [X29]
Motherless [X36a]
Mount Zion: "On My Journey" [X12]
My Curly-Headed Baby (G.H. Clutsam) [X17] [X20] [X26] [X28] [X15]
My Heart is Where the Mohawk Flows Tonight [X20]
My Lindy Lou [X28] [X31]
My Old Kentucky Home [X20] [X21] [X31]
My Way [X19] [X32]
Native Land (Donayevsky) [X35] [X34]
Nearer, My God, to Thee [X24]
No More Auction Block for Me [X13b] [X12] [X35] [X23] [X38]
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [X23] [X33] [X34]
Nothin' [X18] [X25]
Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal [X12] [X14]
O Gimme Your Han' [X34]
O Grieve You Now My Mother [X17]
O Thou Silent Night (Alexandrov) [X15] [X17]
O'Isis and Osiris (Mozart's The Magic Flute) [X13a]
Ode to Joy (Beethoven) [X13d]
Oh Didn't it Rain [X26]
Oh John No! [X24] [X17] [X15] [X16] [X13d] [X35] [X38]
Oh Rock Me, Julie [X26]
Oh! Susanna (in medley) [X20]
Oh, How Proud Our Quiet Don [X34]
Oh Thou Silent Autumn Night [X38]
Ol' Man River (Hammerstein, Kern) [X35] [X13b] [X16] [X19] [X21] [X26] [X28] [X30] [X31] [X32] [X33] [X15] [X17] [X38]
Old Folks at Home (Swanee River) [X26] [X20(in medley)] [X18] [X20] [X21] [X31]
Old Kentucky Home [X28]
On Mah Journey [X19] [X13a] [X14]
Over the Moon (1937) (from movie) [X22]
Over the Mountains [X16]
Passing By [X12] [X32] [X36a]
Peat-Bog Soldiers [X34] [X35]
Perfect Day [X32]
Piccaninny Slumber Song [X28]
Poor Old Joe (Old Black Joe) [X18] [X26] [X20(in medley)] [X31]
Poor Wayfarin' Stranger [X23]
Prayer and Death (Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov) [X13a]
Purest Kind of a Guy [X34]
Quilting Bee [X36b]
Riding the Dragon (Traditional) [X35] [X34]
River, Stay 'Way From My Door [X20] [X27] [X30] [X31] [X32]
Rockin' Chair [X27] [X28] [X30] [X31]
Roll Away, Clouds [X18] [X19] [X25] [X24]
Roll Up Sailorman [X19]
Round the Bend of the Road [X25] [X28] [X29] [X32]
Sanders on the River (1935) (from movie) [X22]
Scandalize My Name [X26] [X11] [X14] [X16] [X24] [X38]
Scarecrow [X20(in medley)] [X29]
Sea Fever [X19]
Shenandoah [X14] [X24] [X25] [X31] [X33]
Shlof Mayn Kind (Yiddish) [X12]
Shortnin' Bread [X27] [X28] [X30]
Show Boat (1936) (from movie) [X22]
Sinner Please Doan' Let this Harves' Pass [X24] [X26]
Skye Boat Song (Hebridean Folk Song) [X12] [X37]
Sleepy River [X32 (with Elisabeth Welch)] [X19] [X24] [X33]
Sleepy Time Down South [X18]
Snowball [X18] [X27] [X30]
So Early in the Morning (in medley) [X20]
So Shy [X25] [X29]
Solitude [X21] [X25] [X29] [X33]
Some Enchanted Evening [X37]
Someday He'll Make it Plain to Me [X12]
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child [X13a] [X14] [X23] [X33] [X34]
Song of the Four Rivers (Four Rivers) [X38]
Song of Freedom (1936) (from movie) [X22] [X24] [X32] [X33]
Song of the Fatherland [X29]
Song of the Plains [X34] [X35]
Song of the Warsaw Ghetto Rebellion (Zog Nit Keynmol) [X16] [X11]
Songs my Mother Taught Me (Dvorak) [X11]
Sonny Boy [X21]
Spring Song (1941) (Shacter, Robinson) [X35] [X34] [X36b]
St. Louis Blues [X21] [X25] [X27] [X30] [X31] [X33]
Stand Still Jordan [X11]
Star Vicino [X13a]
Steal Away [X26]
Summertime [X32] [X21]
Swing Along [X24]
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot [X11] [X16] [X19] [X21] [X23] [X28] [X31] [X33] [X36a]
Szivenem (Kodaly) [X13c]
Take Me Away From the River [X28] [X29]
That's Why Darkies Were Born [X19]
The 4 Insurgent Generals [X16]
The Banjo Song [X30]
The Black Emperor [X20]
The Blind Ploughman [X18]
The Echo of our Youth [X36a]
The Emperor Jones (1933) (from movie) [X22]
The Four Insurgent Generals (Dzerhinsky) [X35]
The Four Rivers [X14] [X38]
The House I Live In [X13b] [X14] [X36b]
The Killing Song [X20]
The Little Black Boy [X20]
The Little Piccaninny's Gone to Sleep [X20]
The Minstrel Boy (English Ballad) [X11] [X14]
The Orphan (Mussorgsky) [X15] [X17] [X11]
The Proud Valley (1940) (from movie) [X22]
The Riddle Song (I gave my love a cherry) [X37]
The United Nations (Shostakovich, Rome) [X35] [X34]
There is a Green Hill [X24]
Theme from Beethoven's 9th Symphony [X38]
This is the Hammer [X17]
Thora [X20] (
Trees [X24] [X37]
Vi Azoi Lebt Der Keyser (Yiddish Folk Song) [X11]
Volga Boatmen [X19] [X24] [X25] [X29] [X15] [X17] [X33]
Wagon Wheels (in medley) [X20] [X25] [X29] [X31]
Wanderer (Finnish Folk Song) [X11]
Water Boy (Traditional) [X35] [X13c] [X14] [X16] [X21] [X23] [X26] [X31] [X32] [X36a] [X33] [X34]
Water Me from the Lime Rock [X11]
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord [X28] [X29]
When It's Sleepy Time Down South [X20] [X30] [X27]
Within Four Walls [X34]
Without Thee (Gaelic Folk Song) [X38]
Witness [X11] [X24] [X26]
Work All de Summer [X24]
You Didn't Ought to Do Such Things [X19] [X20]
Zvornost (Czech) [X12]

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