Chicago Progressive Action Calendar : Calendar of Events and Actions

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This listing was begun by the August Calendar Team, a committee of the Chicago People's Convention Coalition, in preparation for the Democratic National Convention, August, 1996. CounterMedia maintained an online version of this calendar, and in the post-DNC days elected to continue maintenance of such a calendar. The University of Chicago's CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility) web-site kindly provides server-space for this calendar.

The calendar provides listings of actions and events of interest to the progressive, radical, and leftists in the Chicagoland area. You may submit a notice online if you have an activity that would be of note. CounterMedia reserves the right to apply discretion to such notices, and not to include them in its calendar. Events included do not necessarily represent the opinions of CounterMedia, the site maintainers, or anyone else, for that matter.

The calendar is available in two formats - one month-at-a-glance (calendar-style) format, and one a text-based listing (schedule-style) format. The two are cross-linked, with important details listed only in the text-based listing format.


Calendar-StyleText-Based Style
July 1996
August 1996
September 1996September 1996
October 1996October 1996
November 1996November 1996
December 1996December 1996
January 1997January 1997
February 1997February 1997